The programme cycles will be generally as under:


June session : June - September

October session : October - January

February session: February – May


The term-end examinations will be held thrice in a year in May, September and January. The schedule of examination will be intimated to the students accordingly.

Activities in each module:


           a)       Student's Registration to the Programme (Progression to Subsequent   Modules)

           b)      Confirmation of Registration.

           c)       Dispatch of Study Material at the Centre.

           d)      Dispatch of Uniform at the Centre.

           e)      Dispatch of ID Cards at the Centre.

           f)        First Semester Examination.

           g)       Second Semester Examination.

           h)      Third Semester Examination.

            i)        Submission of STCW Application Form.

            j)        Submission of CDC Application Form.

           k)       Appearing in Campus Selection.

            l)        1st Year Onboard Training.

          m)    2nd Year Onboard Training.

           n)      3rd Year Onboard Training.


If a student of Pre Sea Training is unable to clear a paper within two consecutive attempts, he/she will have to back on payment of Rs. 500/- per paper.




Upon registration every student will be allotted a unique Registration number, which is a combination of programme code (course code), year and session of admission and a unique serial number (control no.). For eg: B1GPJ6A02Y11 can be decoded as


B1                            Batch No 1 Programme Code (B1 for PST)

GP or DC                 Programme Code (For General Purpose Rating) or (For Deck Rating)

J6 or O8                   Session Code (1 for June session & 2 for October session)

A02                          Exam Center Code (For Allahabad: 02)