Discrimation Policy


It is the Offshore Shipping Academy policy not to engage in or support discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, caste, national or social origin, religion, birth,   disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, union membership, political affiliation, age or any other.

No employee is allowed in OSAPL any behaviour that is threatening, abusive, exploitative, or sexually coercive, including gestures, language, and corporal punishment in workplace and also in residence and other facilities provided by the company for use by personnel. 


Fitness For Duty Policy


Offshore Shipping Academy provides a safe workplace for all employees.  To accomplish this goal, OSAPL has adopted the following fitness for duty policy: 

a)       All employees are expected to be physically fit to perform their jobs in a safe manner at all times.  If you are not able to perform your job or you are taking any medication that might affect your ability to do your job, you are to inform you supervisor immediately.

b)      If a employee believes you are not fit to perform your duties, you may be sent home, relieved of certain duties, assigned to different duties, assigned to light duty, requested to take a medical examination, or asked for an explanation.

c)       In accordance with the consent you signed when employed, you may be requested to undergo a yearly medical examination to determine your fitness for duty.

d)       Any employee who refuses to cooperate with a determination of whether he or she is fit for duty will be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination.


Child Labour Policy


There is no vacancy allowed for any child and under age person in Offshore Shipping Academy Generally, the employment age is at least Eighteen years according to OSAPL policy. To eliminate the child labour in OSAPL, we follow the labour laws; we also adopt the following objectives at the time of recruitment of employees.

As per company policy minimum age of recruitment is 18 years and also applicable on contractors.

National identity card is checked at the time of recruitment for verification of his age. 


Forced Labour Policy


Forced Labour is totally prohibited in Offshore Shipping Academy if a worker is compelled to work without his will or consent, it shatters him mentally and physically. If a worker is not mentally satisfied, it brings a drastic fall in his efficiency, which leads towards poor performance and eventually the work is affected. OSAPL main objective is to provide quality services to its customers. Forced labour affects the services, therefore OSAPL disallows forced labour. To eliminate Forced Labour, OSAPL adopts the following basic objectives.

a)       People who work with OSAPL here according to their own free will.

b)      No one is put to work against his will nor is anyone imprisoned in payments, compensation, retirement etc.

c)       People take up & give up employment with OSAPL according to their will.

d)      No one is exploited for company benefits; they get remuneration for the work they do.

e)      All employees have the right to leave the mills premises whenever they want to.

f)        Employees are free to leave OSAPL premises at the end of a shift.

      g)       Workers are not required to lodge any deposits of any sort.



Drug & Alcohal Policy


This Drug and Alcohol policy supports Offshore Shipping Academy commitment to the health and wellbeing of its employees to maintain a safe and healthy environment at all OSAPL’s work places.

Offshore Shipping Academy recognizes that alcohol and drug abuse can have a detrimental effect on everyone's work performance and behaviour.

The objective of this policy is to prevent everyone at OSAPL work places from becoming a risk to themselves and to others by the abuse of alcohol, illicit drugs or controlled substances.

The consumption of alcohol and consumption, possession, distribution, purchase, or sale of any illicit drug or any other controlled substance by any person while on Company premises and operational areas is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this Policy will be viewed severely and stringent action will be taken by OSAPL.

This policy urges all the stakeholders to recognize and appreciate that consumption of drugs/alcohol in work places is also illegal.

This policy is applicable to all of Offshore Shipping Academy Private Limited employees.


Admission Cancillation & Refund Policy


“Offshore shipping academy” is committed to full fees refund to candidate in case of withdrawal of training programme by “OSA” by any reason.

In case of withdrawal of training programme by candidate, after the admission or in training by any reasons no fee will be refunded to the candidate.


Privacy Policy


OSA treats information collected through its website as private. Information supplied by you will only be used for the administrative or educational purposes of OSA, or in accordance with a specific consent given by you. OSA will not make available to a third party any personal information supplied by you unless required or permitted by law.


Placement Policy


‘Offshore Shipping Academy’ is committed to provide 100% placement assistance to each and every student who complete their training by OSA. Student will have to access to support staff for placement assistance. After completion of course OSA will organise a campus selection derive, if candidate is selected, he will get his “onboard training (placement)” free. If he is disqualified, he has to opt the “on board training” (placement) by paying (visa & ticket charges* subject to variation in the industry as per country and ship GRT.)